King X, real name Kyle Brown was raised in Tacoma,Wa in the South side area and there began to write rhymes and sale crack at 14,but his life of crime led to 5 years probation at 18 and in and out of jail until doing 2 years in Missouri State Prison in 2006 at the age of 23. Determined to turn his life around wile there, studying variously and studiously music business/marketing. Released in 2008 back to rough streets of Tacoma King X equipped with knowledge and action for the right life,just music and no more streets. In 2009 King X started his own label Elite Campaign Recordz as a solo artist. Releasing a unofficial single in 2009 and a EP in 2011 which was never released do to incarceration for parole violation.King X is now about to take the game by storm. King X released the EP again ,a single, and video in (2013). But with all new production and elevated game King-X plans to release 4 more albums under a new management deal and a mix tapes in 2014 making king hop music a dynamic force to be reckoned for many moons to come. Bringing dynamic,original, and new sound with inspirations from Bone, 2pac,Immortal technique, Nas, Killa Tay, K-Rino, and others of the underground.